More than I Bargained For

This weekends weather was perfect. Although the warm weather has been teasing us here in North Central PA ever since mid February, I keeping my fingers crossed that it is finally here to stay.

This weekend was full of lots of fun activities, but It began with a few loose ends that needed tying.

Last Thursday there was an estate sale in Muncy and if you know me at all, you know I just HAD to get there. The thing is, I work, like normal people, Monday-Friday 8-4:30 (normally) All the estate sales run from Thursday through Saturday, normally 9:00 am-5:00 pm. The best things are always at the sales on Thursday, with it being the first day, it hasn’t had the chance to get picked over yet….even with me arriving late in the day with only 30 minutes till sale closing time I need to scope out the potential treasures and see if there is anything that I just HAVE TO HAVE. Normally I pick up a few things and then am convinced by the lady running the sale to return the following say because after Noon everything will be half off. HALF OFF !!! The problem with this is, do I buy something at full price the first day or do I gamble on no one else wanting the treasure, return the next day and get it for an unbelievable price?

Well last week I found a beautiful pine 8-drawer chest of drawers. On Thursday it was market at $25 (The lady offered it to me for $20 if I could take it that day) Unfortunately, when my only source of transportation is a small, green ’04 Hyundai Accent, taking a pine dresser home that day would be an impossibility.

So I return Thursday and am quickly skimming over the remnants in the house and there it still is, in all its glory, my chest of drawers is still there and best part of all…now it’s only $10 !!!


I quickly scurry up the stairs and find the lady running the sale and write her a check for all my amazing finds. She goes into the basement to put a lovely SOLD sign on my dresser. When she comes back she said that at the same time I was paying for the dresser, another man helping out with the sale sold the same dresser to someone else…Lucky for me, I had already paid so the dresser was mine…all mine muahahahaha !!!

Early this week I began cleaning and prepping the dresser for a make over. I was feeling yellow with grey knobs…mmm I love yellow and grey (I’m feeling the same color scheme for my wedding)

Before I got painting I had to do a little cleaning to the dresser. I opened up the drawers to find a surprise. I got more than I paid for with that dresser because in every drawer were little mice turds scattered all throughout. Oh yeah, a bits and pieces of corn and seed. LOVELY. I even found an acorn that had been chewed in half and hollowed out.

Well once that mess was cleaned and cloroxed I began painting.

This is the fun part. I think everything got a total of 3 coats of paint put on.

Today I am putting this Beaut together and embarking on operation : sarah organize your life, starting with your craft supplies. Wish me luck !

Hugs and Stitches,


One response

  1. What a treasure!! i’m sorry to hear of the mice poo … i was hoping you found a real prize inside!! 😀 can’t wait to see the finished product!! you’re amazing!

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