There’ve Been Dressier Beginnings

Well, here I go again. I know some of you are thinkin’….didn’t you have a blog about a year and a half ago about the horrors and mishaps in the restaurant industry?
Well I did, but the truth is that I got about a year and a half’s worth of writers block and pure laziness when it came to delivering my posts.

Recently, one of my best friends, BS, expressed interest in starting a blog, and that got me thinking about picking one back up for myself again. Now, a lot has changed since last year; Careers, goals, hobbies and interests. For about 6 years or more now I have been an avid yard sale-er. (Does any one know how yardsaling is truly spelled? All my autocorrect functions yell at me with a BEEP or an ugly squiggly red line under the word when I type it.)

Finding bargains that later turn into ¬†decorative or practical treasures to furnish my dorm room, college attic apartment, first womb apartment (that place was so small with very little natural lighting and low ceilings, that if literally felt like a womb, not that I recall how that felt, but use your imagination) and now my favorite apartment to date, is like a natural high. My yard saling partners, BS, HP and EB laugh at me when they see me “walking” ( more like running), arms pumping toward a sale. I just don’t think they understand the urgency in being the first one to a bargain…..Someone else might get that stand, necklace or picture frame that I should have had, if only I drove or walked faster.

Speaking of driving, I apologize now…I am not a fan of bumperstickers, but I really should have the one that says “I break for yard sales”. Its a good thing that HP drives most of the time because I get so focused and zoned in on finding the sale and beating the competition that sometimes I fail to see stop signs (especially in Montoursville) . With me, roadside parking laws, Don’t apply…. U- & 3-point turns are not uncommon either.

It’s hard being so awesome at yard saling because your yard saling posse learns to depend on you to sift the gold mines from the dumpster sales , and when you do slip up I am the focus of disappointed stares and sighs. OK, if a listing says “3 family yard sale. Furniture, antiques, name brand clothes, Christmas decorations, something for everyone” and you show up to see a 1950’s Walmart end table with the fake wood peeling off the side, used bras, panties, hair laced brushes and baby clothes and ugly trinkets….. it was NOT my fault—You only have others words to go by and the neighborhood to go off of.

I was actually going to start off this first post with some pictures of my projects that I am currently working on ( including the awesome pine, 8-drawer dresser I picked up at last weeks estate sale for a lovely $10) but since today is friday and tomorrow is Saturday (yard sale day) my excitement got the best of me, and well..there ya go.

Just so you know, there is an entire street sale going on in Montoursville tomorrow morning, so you know where I’ll be…with my lovely sidekick BS along for the ride. If you decide to venture to the sales, stay out of my way and hands off my treasures. Otherwise have fun !

Hugs and Stitches,


P.S. It’s always funny to see regulars at the sales. I always keep my eyes out for the guy with the giant mirrors on the side of his basketed bicycle or the guy with his Jack Russell perched atop his shoulder. I wonder if people have a name for me. He he.

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