Creepy Charlie

Do any of you know what Creepy Charlie is? I learned what it was when I was real little. To me it was pretty little flowers all over my yard, not to be mistaken by the violets that also were scattered about the lawn. My mom corrected me and let me know that they were not pretty flowers but rather invasive weeds that are pretty much impossible to stop.

On Saturday I decided it  was the perfect day to plant some of my tomatoes outside. I was keeping my fingers crossed for no more cold frosty nights. My poor tomatoes were starting to look slightly malnutritioned and jaundice in the sun room windows were they have been residing over the past 3 months. I found the perfect spot along the fence in my yard to plant the little buggers, but some work had to be done to prep the area first. It was covered in CREEPY CHARLIE and baby trees.
  All those lovely little green guys came from …
…This tree.

As I went to town with my gardening shovel in hand on all these invasive plants, I started to think about my Pap-pap. He was the sweetest man, not much taller than I with a little belly on him and always a big smile. He passed away when I was in tenth grade. Summer always brings him to mind especially because when I was young I would help him in his garden. He always grew the tastiest cucumbers, and Grammie always bought the yummiest celery ( I don’t know how she does that but everyone in the family agrees !)

When you are a kid you are usually the one being picked on…so imagine my glee the day my mom told me what the purple flowers  all over our yard were called and that they so happened to be the same name as my Pap-pap ( Charles -Charlie- Smith)
There were times when I would find some Creepy Charlie in his yard and would tell him about it, and he would feign offense as he made sure to tell me that he indeed was NOT CREEPY !

Anyways, I got all the baby trees and Creepy Charlie cleaned out from the area where I planned on placing my plants.

At the end, I had planted 10 of the babes all along the fence. I’ve never grown tomatoes from seed before, so I am hoping and praying that they like their new home and end up yeilding tons of fruit. I know I am going to have more than I need but part of the reward of harvesting the fruit of your labor is being able to share it with others. Hopefully the neighbors, mailman, garbage man and my Grammie will benefit from my hard work.

Thank you Lord for blessing me with my Pap-pap for all the years that he was such a big part of my life, and for sending me small reminders of him, even they are just weeds. 🙂

Hugs and Stitches,


2 responses

  1. Well – as soon as I read your title, PapPap was the first thing to come to mind! Of course, I was smiling through my tears as I read your loving words about him.

    And by the way…I never got any tomato plants! 😀

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