I Got a Room, Got a Room Full of Sunshine…

Well today is absolutely beautiful. It has been a rainy mess the past 3 days. Although I have not enjoyed the weather, I think it is just what my plants needed. I took a minute to walk around my yard this morning and look at all my plants with the sweet golden rays of the sun reflecting off all the drops that set on all the leaves. I thank God for every day, but for me, it is especially easy to see his hand in everything and be thankful for each new day when you see mornings as beautiful as today.

All my plants are looking great. I do have a question though. About a week ago my cat Who…
… decided to upset my whole box of basil. I had been waiting patiently for the seeds to turn to sprouts and the moment they did….off the sill and onto the floor they went. So now, one side of the box had a few surviving sprouts where the other side looks like a mess of upset dirt. What should I do? Dig up the whole darn thing and start over or just let the few keep growing and plant another box?

Spill your guts and let me know at the bottom.

Well last night after work, after a trip and a salty bill from the grocery store I went home to a house that I have neglected for quite some time. It always surprises me how long it takes to clean the house and how fast it can turn right back into a disaster. My biggest problem is throwing my dirty clothes wherever I feel like, not putting clean clothes away and failing cleaning up after myself when I am crafting.

Normally the coffee table has scraps of felt all over, with the floor beneath having random balls of once, hot glue, shreds of jute and burlap  and a few raw coffee beans. The beans are another “more than I bargained for” byproduct of buying burlap coffee bags from Surplus City. I would prefer if the store would keep the bonus beans to themselves but I guess thats all part of getting things at a surplus price.
So last night I cleaned and organized my life and if you remember, that pine chest that I purchased at the amazing price of $10 was all part of OPERATION: Organize Sarah’s Life.

Over the past week I have been working on transforming the Chest-of-drawers from a mansion for mice into the main focal point of my sunroom.

When I took my first tour through my apartment, the sunroom was the room that I fell in love with most. I had plans for this room. Sadly, those plans pretty much went down the toilet when my awesome sunroom turned into a trash heap for all things crafty. It was a mess. But now thanks to my lovely chest-of-drawers, it is quickly turning into the beautiful sunroom that I had imagined all along.

My yellow mirror from the same estate sale I got the chest of drawers at. The two make a perfect pair.

Some milk glass vases from the thrift store quite a few months ago.

This guy still needs some work. Its got 2 different paints on it  – hence the splotchiness. It was a glossy greeny and brownish color before I took a can of spray paint to it.
View from the top

This cage was a bargain find from last saturdays yard sale adventure with B.S. It was an ugly garden green with the most horrid looking flowers and faux bird taking up residence inside. Since there is no opening  or door to this thing, I was forced to take a steak knife to the whole operation.
Ugly flowery foamy bird – 0
Steak knife Sarah – 1


Yellow and Grey, whats not to love.


Don’t be afraid to add a splash of color to your life. When crafting, think COLOR. Pick 2-3 colors that compliment each other and get creative.

Hugs and Stitches,


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