I don’t know what it is about summertime (other than it’s just all around fantastic) thats makes me want to pick up a book and read…and nothing beats plopping your tush down on a sandy beach for a few hours with a good book in hand. This year I won’t be going to the beach, but I did make a few purchases yesterday that will get me reading, albeit in my Pennsylvania lawn.

For 4 years of my life, I was a server. I worked at a small bar and restaurant called Kristy’s and also the corporate chain joint, Ruby Tuesdays. Being a server you run into all kinds. during those years my best friend H.P. put a book in my hand that finally said all the things I ever wanted to say about the restaurant industry and serving but never could – Waiter Rant.

If you’re gonna be a server, are a server or were a server…READ THIS. You won’t regret it, believe me ! This book had me roaring and it totally brings to light ALL the unbelievable things that we are servers put up with on a daily basis. Just do it.

Although I’m not a server anymore, I still love the industry and will occasionally pick up a shift at Ruby Tues. My boyfriend Z.C. is also a server at Olive Garden so I hear his stories and experiences on a daily basis. Just when you think you have heard it all…well you never have when it comes to serving.  Steve Dublanica (author of Waiter Rant) Just published another book recently called “Keep the Change”.

This is in my list for this summer and I cannot wait to read it.

The second book on my list is one that is a little more relevant to my current lifestyle and it is called “I brake for Yard Sales…”.
The author of this book said that the inspiration for this came from a bumper sticker that her mother had on her car a long time ago. My friends have joked with me saying I am in need of such a sticker, along with one that probably mentions I also blow stop signs for yard sales, pull “U” turns for yard sales and drive a 2 mph by yard sales without regard for the late for work fellow behind me,  so that I can determine whether they are worth braking for or not.
This book may quite possibly get pushed to the front of my reading list.

Last but not least, another book on being a wait(er)(ress). I think they made this into a movie? If so, I guess I will need to look that up and add it to my movie queue (<–what a strange word!)

I may not be delving into all the Theological or political matters dealt with by Faulkner, Dostoyevsky or Tolstoy, but I will be learning a lot about things that matter, SUCH AS TIPPING – If you are a bad tipper, don’t go out to eat. You don’t deserve it. Eating out is a privilege and if you don’t have money to tip, then you should NEVER go out to eat. Waiters and Waitresses are not servants, they are people trying really really really hard to make a living off of the measly $2.83 an hour they are paid and whatever money they can make from tips. Tip your servers and bartenders. DO IT…or else !

I know this wasn’t very crafty talk today, but I hope my words stick with you like glue !
Let me know what you think of my summer reads. Have a happy Friday and if you are yard saling tomorrow, don’t forget to map out your route for the most effective, gas conscious and organized yard saling experience !

Before you go, Check out THIS ARTICLE  that Laura Spencer (Author of “I Brake for Yard Sales”) wrote on 10 tips for decorating on a budget. This WILL HELP YOU OUT TOMORROW. featured  today on Fabulous Finds.

Hugs and Stitches,


2 responses

  1. I want to read I Brake for Yard Sales. That’s awesome. I’ve only waited tables for a short period ever – I loved getting to know the people, but I don’t have the patience or the ability to hold my tongue and that can be a problem. You must be strong!

    • Thanks Cassie for the comment! I will let everyone know how the book is. I looked over your blog..LOVE it. Though I am more of a fair weather reader, I appreciate those who incorporate it into their life, especially when you do it in such a fun and creative way as you so demonstrate in your blog.

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