Rules of the Game

For most people, Saturdays are a day of sleeping in, R&R, leisurely trips to the farmers market or morning coffee dates with your special someone…

For me it is

At least my partners are die-hards just like me !

Here are some of the sites that we came across while yard sale-ing.
How greasy and scary do I look? Yikes.
Also, I just love some of the elderly sale-ers. B.S. and I came across the cute couple pictured top, right. They both had sparkling his and hers matching bikes. The lady smiled as she showed off her “babie pink” bike. I just had to run after them to snap a picture of these two cuties.
B.S. always laughs at me because as I have said before, walking to yard sales it out of the question, running is essential. She had me snap a picture of her excitedly running to a sale.
Do you see all those cars pictured bottom left?!?! Not only are there TONS on the SMALLEST STREET EVER, but they aren’t even in straight lines. Pretty much impossible to maneuver your vehicle through that kind of madness.

I thought I would share with you some essential rules to the sale-ing game.
1. No morning showers allowed. Even if your last shower was Thursday night, over 24 hours ago.
2. Messy buns, headbands and hairspray is essential. There is no time to be messing with your hair…I can’t afford to have a co-pilot that is texting or messing with their hair in the mirror, I need all eyes on all side streets so that not a sale is missed.
3. This is anything BUT a beauty pageant. Slip on some sweatpants or shorts, a t-shirt or tank, and flip-flops or sneakers.
4. Yard sales are outside for a reason…they are accounting for the fact that you have not showered in over a day and most likely smell…BAD. I do suggest applying at least 1 coat of deodorant before you leave. Your co-pilots my complain of your stench otherwise.

Although I didn’t end up getting anything at the sale pictured top, It was definately a sale that makes me slam on the bakes. The chairs were the things that made me really wanna stop, although they weren’t the types of chairs that I was looking for. There was a GORGEOUS vintage arm chair way in the back under the canopy, but my heart sunk as I read the giant SOLD sticker on it. Grumble Grumble Grumble.

B.S. and I had a great time, and we even enjoyed a 9:30 am hotdog in someones driveway. Even though I miss sleepy Saturday mornings, nothing quite beats the thrill of the hunt that yardsale-ing brings. Keep and eye out for this weeks booty.

Hugs and Stitches,


2 responses

  1. I’m loving “B’s” outfit haha, my favorite color 🙂
    I love the picture of some random people (as well as b) and how you said it wasn’t a beauty pageant, are you judging this people?!? Haha joking!! I didn’t shower yesterday if it makes you feel better (I even went to church that way, but I out on nice clothes and fluff my hair and curl it….)

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