Big time SLACKER !

I know, I know I have been slacking. I feel like the most terrible blogger of all time. I think this has been 2 grueling-ly long weeks since my last post. PATHETIC, I know. Is there a birthday amendment or clause? How about a business exception? Yea? Neh? Meh. 

OK, so much has happened and I haven’t been just slacking for no reason. I have been filling my spare time with some crafting roller coaster riding, fruit flush cleansing, gardening, birthday partying and a little reading.  I wasn’t able to post any booty for last weekend because I had a joint yard sale with two of my bests. The sale was a little less than extraordinary, but it was a great time with some great ladies. Wedding, weight loss, engagement and thrifty-bargain talk. H.P. is probably gonna KILL me for posting this picture, but this is just a llittle peek at the fun that we had at the yard sale of our own. Check out those pumps…WOO mama !!! 



Fashionistas, look out…this girl obviously HAS IT! 

So, I don’t know how many of you follor HortDecor on Facebook or on Etsy, but I am planning on adding a new line to my “mostly wreath shop” on Etsy. I have posted this picture before my my little Juni kitten in this hand made, vintage suitcase bed…..


So i decided I would like to add some more of these awesome beds to me store. This is probably one of Juni’s favorite places to lounge. I have it sitting out on my enclosed porch so lounging on this vintage throne to the sweet sound of singing birds makes for the perfect napping spot for this little girl. 

I got this suitcase for my next bed which I plan to sell in my shop, so If you are interested in it, be sure to keep your eyes peeled for the finished product and listing. ( my best guess is it will be available this weekend. You better hurry though…This is an awesome, one of a kind item so first come, first serve) 



Isn’t the yellow awesome ?!?! Wait till you see the finished project !

Let’s see what else. Since the last time we blabbed, I finished my indoor / outdoor chairs. They are super comfy and currently situated around my little fire pit.


Perfect summer time suburb spot.

I also created a pillow to rest on one of these for when they get brought indoors. The pillow is finished but I don’t have a picture of it yet. That will be a reveal for another day ( along with the awesome yellow suitcase pet bed) Here are some of the materials that were used though.


Until last sunday, I did all my sewing by hand. Pillows, curtains, boyfriends ripped jeans etc. 


..But a sewing machine was one of my birthday gifts given to me by M.C. I am so excited to use it. I am POSITIVE that it will make pillow and cushion making a breeze! (Once I learn how to actually use it!)

In other news…the tomato plants a getting big and proudly showing off their yellow blossoms, the cucumber plants have little spiny cucumber babies on them, the bell peppers have their white blossoms dangling and the mint and basil are spouted in full ! I CANNOT wait to indulge in all the freshness my plants have to offer. 







This picture was taken a week or two ago. Let me just tell you, these ‘maters are already a lot bigger. Makes this girl happy. 

ok ya’ll. Sorry again for the totally slacked-ness by yours truly. I promise to try harder to keep you in the know. Until then…

Hugs and Stitches,




5 responses

  1. It’s okay Sarah, it’s the quality of a post not the quantity, says the girl who posts everyday haha. I am amazed by your ideas, I would have never though to make a cat bed with a suitcase, I’d totally love one for Herman, but he ran away and hasn’t come back yet, so I’m not so sure we have a cat anymore. Haha

  2. Totally okay Sarah, it’s about quality over quantity for a blog post, says the girl who posts every day. I am amazed by your great ideas, the suitcase cat bed is brilliant, I would totally see Herman using one, but he ran away two days ago and has not returned yet, so I’m not sure we even have a cat anymore 🙂 haha

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