I’m Having a Chair Complex

I’ve been kinda inspirationally challenged lately. The last two weeks, as you know I have been really busy and now I feel like I have finally caught up with life. Now that I have time to blog and craft, I feel as though I’m not doing it and I realized it’s because I don’t have any crazy awesome projects going on.

A few weeks ago I bough the patio chairs in hopes that 2 of them would sit in my sunroom, however since their paint job they haven’t moved from their spot next to the fireless pit. I’m ok with that since it is soo much more convenient to already have them outside, rather than lugging them in and out the swinging screen door every time I wanna sit out in the yard and enjoy this beautiful summer weather.

I also haven’t been yard saling in a few weeks..therefore have not been too inspired in those weeks. I decided a looksie on craigslist was about due today and look what I found….FOR FREE !


What do you guys think? It is basically exactly the kind of furniture I have been looking for. I e-mailed the seller Getter-ridder of this piece and am keeping my fingies crossed that this babe is still available.
If anyone is looking for a vintage tufted couch that matches this, it seems as though it also, is FREE FREE FREE !! Take a looksie below.


Another option that I came across are these lovelies.


I love that there are two of these and velvet was something that was on my must-have-in-a-chair-list. And its in AWESOME condition too. The sellers only are asking $20 for these but the only problem is they are RED, which is awesome, but not in my yellow, white and gray room.

What should I do? Nab them all and keep the red guys in the basement for future use? I’m so torn. HELP !!

Hugs and Stitches,

One response

  1. Go for it Sarah! That is awesome! I may be able to help you out with the red chairs (I’m moving and in desperate need of awesome furniture 😉

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