BHG Tips to Holding a Killer Yard Sale + Surprise ending

Yesterday I posted a link to the Better Homes and Garden site because they were doing a feature on How to have the best yard sale ever and I am always interested to see how people hold such successful events….after all my contribution to the yard sale I helped with a few weeks a go was a flop.

Here we go with some awesome bits of information. You can also go HERE to check out Better Homes and Gardens for yourself. They send me some pretty great stuff right to my e-mail every day.

I hope you guys enjoyed all those juicy bits of advice. I only hope that someday I have so much crap in my own house that I can have a killer yard sale of my own. Until then, I continue my journey to be a hoarder of all things awesomely cool. !

Hugs and Stitches,

P.S. Did I tell you that I GOT THOSE FABULOUS RED CHAIRS !!!  Lookie lookie !!

So glad I nabbed these because, well, remember the really awesome vintage-y tufted chair
 Was just informed this morning over e-mail (at least break the news to my face) that it and it’s matching couch partner are both GONE .
[Insert Elephant tears.] 

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