More wreaths, some eats and some Sarah-mania

I decided to try out a different wreath form and flair up the stars a bit. The corners were tough to wrap in yarn….This one is one still needing perfection. I think I’ll keep this for my own door


How awesome do I look here? I mean, not everyone can have hair that gorg. The life of a crafter –> insert sigh.


Sometimes you just have to show the crafts who’s boss. Don’t mess with me and my furry friend. (i’m not kidding, that thing’s got hair growin !!)


(STOCK PHOTO) I finally got my friend H.P.’s summer wreath done. This is what she gave me to go by


…And this is what she got. Your turn —> insert applause


Late night (non fattening) snacks are the best


Especially when you have someone cute to share it with.

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