Saturday, May 19th

This is a giant roll of almost t-shirt like gray fabric …
For only $1. This couldon’t have been more perfect as I was eyeballing gray t-shirt fabric prices earlier this week for a future shag rug project.

A set of four rusty lawn chairs, dying for some attention and a little makeover  – $20

Stack of fabric – $1

Never opened Drum lampshade – $3

Antique woven rug that just so happens to match my sunroom PERFECTLY  – $6

Another beautiful yellow pitcher  – $2

I also was able to snag 2 bread pans for $1, A new with tags dress for my mumschki for $2 (originally $128.00! ), a grilling wok for $1 and a kids table and chairs for my friend B.K. for $5.

All that booty makes for one HAPPY Sarah.

Hugs and Stitches,


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