Saleturdays are my absolute favorite ! I start prepping for them on Wednesday by scanning through all the Craigslist ads and online newspaper ads. You HAVE to check wednesday because you never want a fabulous Estate sale to pass you by.

This week there were over 94 yard sales listed in the paper… my town in within a 30 mile radius. I had 33 marked down to visit. I normally am amazing at mapping out the perfect, gas friendly route while still making sure to hit the good neighborhoods or developments first.

I seriously kicked butt at yard saling this week. You can check out my Booty Haul for this week by clicking HERE.

Most of my yard sale partners in crime were busy this week, but lucky for me, one of my adopted sisters, S.Y. was free to come with. Her booty wasn’t as extensive as mine, as a matter-of-fact, it can pretty much be wrapped up in 30 halls wrappers. She scored a pack of cough drops at a Couponers hoard sale. Nothing used was found here, just about 100 boxes of toothpaste, 20 bottles of tide, 50 packaged flip flops, 35 bottles of shampoo, 15 body washes, 18 boxes of cereal…..AND A PARTRIDGE IN A PEAR TREE.

Since I have relented the fact that the lovely yellow chairs from Ohio will never be mine, I started searching out other seating alternatives. I found a picture of a lawn chair adorned with beautiful, fun and patterned pillows and decided that that is what I would do in order to meet my sunroom seating needs.

I found 4 of these for $20
A little rust never hurt anyone right ?

The difficult part was getting them home. Especially when this girl drives THIS GIRL…

I know, not quite the vehicle for hauling thrifty finds.

Fitting lawn chairs in this baby was definitely a sight. I felt like I needed to be put on one of those black-framed “Determination” posters as I jigged and rigged the chairs to fit. Leaving them there WAS NOT an option.

So, somehow I got 2 in the backseat …

…and two in the trunk.
HINT: It always helps to keep bungee cords on hand when stuffing a car full of things that it is not meant to carry.
3 cans of paint later, these chairs are very close to being transformed from rusty to rad. I’ll be sure to show you the finished product.

Hugs and Stitches,


The 48th Hour

It feels like its been raining for 40 days and 40 nights !! It’s only really been 2 1/2-3 days, but the last 2 days have been NON-STOP steady rain. The weather unkindly sentenced me and the kitties to indoor activities, or the lack there of for the last 48 hours. I did not see the weather’s attitude change first hand, since my working hours are spent inside a windowless, flourescently lit office, however I was elated to feel the warm sun on my face when it was quitting time.

Although I have found the past 2-days’ weather to be tedious, I think my plants rather enjoyed it. They are all looking bigger and greener than I left them.

A tomato plant…
A bunch of sprouting Cucumbers…..Don’t you dare wag your finger at me you green thumb extrordinares (sp?) I know you are supposed to plant cukes so many inches apart and in a really big space, but the truth is, I don’t have a big space. I rent a lawn along with my apartment and am not sure how my landlord would feel if I took the kibosh to his lawn….so I put them in a pot. All of them. If they choke each other out…oh well. At least I tried. If I get a few good vines and some tasty cukes….kudos to me. You may follow my methods next year if they prove successful.

And my transplanted Succulant or known to others as Hens and Chicks. I LOVE THEM!
I hope you enjoyed my time in the sun looking at my plants as much as I did.

Anyways, last week B.S. came over to pay me a visit and we went for a lovely stroll through the borough and when we came back I agreed to make us some smoothies. It was a little before dinner time for me so I didn’t want to ruin my appetite by having a HUGE glass of smoothy-liciousness  like normal, so I ended up having lots left over. I stored the rest in the freezer till today. I am sad to say that my $5 yard sale Osterizer is starting to call it quits on me so I am trying to use it sparingly until I can replace it. Today I got ‘er up and running long enough to liquify the remaining smoothie mix. I decided I would make Popsicles out of them !

My first and last attempt at making healthy yet delicious frozen treats was a flop. I saw this fantastic recipe on Pinterest for a mixed berry, greek yogurt, raw honey concoction for popcicles. Sad to say, they were much too sweet for my liking and didn’t solidify. Not sure if it was the Honey or the Yogurt…so if you saw that recipe and are lured into trying them from the decadent picture posted before the instructions, I caution you to think twice and remember my words. Too sweet. Won’t Freeze up.

So I’ll show you what I did:
I found this GIANT bag of mixed fruit at Wegmans for $10. That is a great buy. Normally a bag of peaches half the size of this bag costs that much and you need to buy pineapple and strawberries in addition. Your healthy snack can turn into quite the expensive snack pretty quickly.
This is the most delicious combo. of fruits ever !
I just fill the blender about 3/4ths full of this fruit , add a tsp of Stevia for sweetness and maybe a half cup of plain greek yogurt. I add milk too but sadly I just kinda eyeball it until I get the right smoothy consistancy I want. Next step: Blend your little hearts out my friend.

You can stop here and slurp the fruity goodness as is and if you’re like me you will have leftovers.
Put them in an icepop mold !

And FREEZE !!!

Not you silly! Freeze the pops ! You may continue reading now.
It’s always a good Idea to have someone stand guard so no one comes along and snatches a pop before it is properly frozen. In my case, I designated the shrimp to do the job for me.

I’ll let you know how they turn out !

Hugs and Stitches,


I’m in love….

I’m in love, and there is nothing I can do about it. 

As you all know, I just redid a chest of drawers to go into my sunroom as a storage unit for all my craft supplies. It is the perfect thing to store all my yarn, fabric, felt, and 20 different types of glues in. I decided that since I am also obsessed with Gray, and i’ve recently taken a liking to birds, that I would adorn the room with gray accents and ornamental birds. In the pictures, you are only seeing 1/4th of the room. The other side is empty and I have dreams of making a little reading nook with cumfy, vintagy, YELLOW chairs with a tiny bistro table to enjoy coffee and biscotti  …ok, let’s be real, a Mr. Sticky’s walnut topped sticky bun. 

Anyways…I fell in love…with 2 chairs…. and I can’t get them out of my head.


See!!! Aren’t they amazing and wouldn’t they be just PERFECT in my little sunroom? One BIG PROBLEM…long distance relationships don’t very often work.  

These beauties are in Cincinatti OH, and of course the listing on Etsy doesn’t say the price of delivery, but with a 16 + hour round trip for the deliver-er I don’t see it being two easy payment of $5.99.

So now I’m on a mission to find something very, very similar to these. I have already told my other yard sale and thrifter elves to keep their eyes out for me. 

I clung on to an ounce of hope as I thought I remembered sitting in something very similar at my Grammie’s house years ago, so I quizzed her on this. She agreed that she had, indeed had one, however some lucky lady snatched it up at the sale my Grammie had before she moved.

On another note…”Keep the Change” and “I Brake for Yard Sales” arrived in the mail today, compliments of Amazon. I doth believe I will curl up under a fleece blanket and read a few pages on this rainy Monday evening.

Hugs and Stitches,



I don’t know what it is about summertime (other than it’s just all around fantastic) thats makes me want to pick up a book and read…and nothing beats plopping your tush down on a sandy beach for a few hours with a good book in hand. This year I won’t be going to the beach, but I did make a few purchases yesterday that will get me reading, albeit in my Pennsylvania lawn.

For 4 years of my life, I was a server. I worked at a small bar and restaurant called Kristy’s and also the corporate chain joint, Ruby Tuesdays. Being a server you run into all kinds. during those years my best friend H.P. put a book in my hand that finally said all the things I ever wanted to say about the restaurant industry and serving but never could – Waiter Rant.

If you’re gonna be a server, are a server or were a server…READ THIS. You won’t regret it, believe me ! This book had me roaring and it totally brings to light ALL the unbelievable things that we are servers put up with on a daily basis. Just do it.

Although I’m not a server anymore, I still love the industry and will occasionally pick up a shift at Ruby Tues. My boyfriend Z.C. is also a server at Olive Garden so I hear his stories and experiences on a daily basis. Just when you think you have heard it all…well you never have when it comes to serving.  Steve Dublanica (author of Waiter Rant) Just published another book recently called “Keep the Change”.

This is in my list for this summer and I cannot wait to read it.

The second book on my list is one that is a little more relevant to my current lifestyle and it is called “I brake for Yard Sales…”.
The author of this book said that the inspiration for this came from a bumper sticker that her mother had on her car a long time ago. My friends have joked with me saying I am in need of such a sticker, along with one that probably mentions I also blow stop signs for yard sales, pull “U” turns for yard sales and drive a 2 mph by yard sales without regard for the late for work fellow behind me,  so that I can determine whether they are worth braking for or not.
This book may quite possibly get pushed to the front of my reading list.

Last but not least, another book on being a wait(er)(ress). I think they made this into a movie? If so, I guess I will need to look that up and add it to my movie queue (<–what a strange word!)

I may not be delving into all the Theological or political matters dealt with by Faulkner, Dostoyevsky or Tolstoy, but I will be learning a lot about things that matter, SUCH AS TIPPING – If you are a bad tipper, don’t go out to eat. You don’t deserve it. Eating out is a privilege and if you don’t have money to tip, then you should NEVER go out to eat. Waiters and Waitresses are not servants, they are people trying really really really hard to make a living off of the measly $2.83 an hour they are paid and whatever money they can make from tips. Tip your servers and bartenders. DO IT…or else !

I know this wasn’t very crafty talk today, but I hope my words stick with you like glue !
Let me know what you think of my summer reads. Have a happy Friday and if you are yard saling tomorrow, don’t forget to map out your route for the most effective, gas conscious and organized yard saling experience !

Before you go, Check out THIS ARTICLE  that Laura Spencer (Author of “I Brake for Yard Sales”) wrote on 10 tips for decorating on a budget. This WILL HELP YOU OUT TOMORROW. featured  today on Fabulous Finds.

Hugs and Stitches,


When Life Gives You Lemons…

Well a week ago, one of my bests asked me to make her a wreath. OOO YAY ! I love when people ask me to make things for them. This is what she wanted:
 and this is what she got:
Not too shabby eh?

The last person that asked me to do that was E.B. when she asked me to make her little one a play tool bench. I have to admit, I was a little bit nervous to embark on this adventure especially since I had never really repurposed anything before. All she gave me to go by was this picture:
Simple enough right?

It got a little hairy when I went to Lowes in search of the peg board and saw that they only sold it in giant pieces. Now, I did get a power drill for Christmas that I have gotten more familiar with, and I do have a power sander, which I have not been brave enough to try yet, but I don’t have a saw. Sooo what am I supposed to do with a giant piece of pegboard when I only need a small piece? Lucky me Lucky me, one of my former fellow employees from Ruby Tuesday had taken up a job at Lowes and was stationed in the lumber / pegboard section…AND he had access to a saw. I Lowes happy as a hamster with my 2 pegboard peices beautifully sawed in half.

So it took a good month or two for me to finally find an old tv stand that would be perfect for this project. There are tv stands everywhere at thrift stores, but this one had to be good for a little one to play with and also had to be marked with the right price. Finally I found the one. Nothing fancy. Fake wood surfaces, one middle shelf and wheels on the bottom. $10. A little more than I would have preferred to pay but I didn’t know how long it would actually take to find the perfect one at the perfect price so I went with it.

Of course I couldn’t just keep things simple. I let my mind wander and came up with a much more exciting motif than a plain blue bench. I let E.B. know that I had plans, however did not let her in on what my plans for the bench were. She told me she trusted me. Brave lady !

My plans were chevron. After all it is sooo in style now days, however the chevron I had in mind had been around for quite some time and is not exactly stylish, but perfect for a little boys tool bench.


I have only played with paint and stripes once and my heart broke a little bit when the edges of the stripes seemed feathered. I was bummed but I thought that it was due to the textured surface that I was painting on.

See the non perfect stripes ? Meh.

Well I figured, I’m gonna make sure the tape is really stuck to the the surface this time. Well when it came time for the tape to come off and the big reveal…wouldn’t you know it…feathered stripes…ON MY FRIENDS TOOL BENCH THAT WAS GONNA BE A BIRTHDAY PRESENT.
I got angry and left the tool bench to sit in my basement. If I get frustrated by a project I usually punish it by pushing it to the side. Well a big help that was. 7 days before the little boys birthday his eager mother asked me when the bench was going to be done. I had some work ahead of me.

Finally finished a day before the party I was able to deliver the finished product to my friend. It was far from perfect with some stray paint marks and feathered lines, but with the help of some steel wool I was able to stress the paint all over to make it look as though the mistakes were intentional.

Needless to say she loved it and sent me this picture the next day:

The kids loved it and for me, all is well in Whoville.

I have been making a lot of wreaths for other people over the past few months and have consequently neglected my own front door. I saw this picture on Pinterest and fell in love.
This is going to be for me. FINALLY. The problem I have encountered is where on earth I can find 50+ fake lemons at bargain prices.

I have found that Oriental Trading has the best prices so far. If you know somewhere cheaper please let me know. If this turns out fabulous, for a fabulous price, I may add it to my HortDecor Shop in the future.

Hugs and Stiches,


I Got a Room, Got a Room Full of Sunshine…

Well today is absolutely beautiful. It has been a rainy mess the past 3 days. Although I have not enjoyed the weather, I think it is just what my plants needed. I took a minute to walk around my yard this morning and look at all my plants with the sweet golden rays of the sun reflecting off all the drops that set on all the leaves. I thank God for every day, but for me, it is especially easy to see his hand in everything and be thankful for each new day when you see mornings as beautiful as today.

All my plants are looking great. I do have a question though. About a week ago my cat Who…
… decided to upset my whole box of basil. I had been waiting patiently for the seeds to turn to sprouts and the moment they did….off the sill and onto the floor they went. So now, one side of the box had a few surviving sprouts where the other side looks like a mess of upset dirt. What should I do? Dig up the whole darn thing and start over or just let the few keep growing and plant another box?

Spill your guts and let me know at the bottom.

Well last night after work, after a trip and a salty bill from the grocery store I went home to a house that I have neglected for quite some time. It always surprises me how long it takes to clean the house and how fast it can turn right back into a disaster. My biggest problem is throwing my dirty clothes wherever I feel like, not putting clean clothes away and failing cleaning up after myself when I am crafting.

Normally the coffee table has scraps of felt all over, with the floor beneath having random balls of once, hot glue, shreds of jute and burlap  and a few raw coffee beans. The beans are another “more than I bargained for” byproduct of buying burlap coffee bags from Surplus City. I would prefer if the store would keep the bonus beans to themselves but I guess thats all part of getting things at a surplus price.
So last night I cleaned and organized my life and if you remember, that pine chest that I purchased at the amazing price of $10 was all part of OPERATION: Organize Sarah’s Life.

Over the past week I have been working on transforming the Chest-of-drawers from a mansion for mice into the main focal point of my sunroom.

When I took my first tour through my apartment, the sunroom was the room that I fell in love with most. I had plans for this room. Sadly, those plans pretty much went down the toilet when my awesome sunroom turned into a trash heap for all things crafty. It was a mess. But now thanks to my lovely chest-of-drawers, it is quickly turning into the beautiful sunroom that I had imagined all along.

My yellow mirror from the same estate sale I got the chest of drawers at. The two make a perfect pair.

Some milk glass vases from the thrift store quite a few months ago.

This guy still needs some work. Its got 2 different paints on it  – hence the splotchiness. It was a glossy greeny and brownish color before I took a can of spray paint to it.
View from the top

This cage was a bargain find from last saturdays yard sale adventure with B.S. It was an ugly garden green with the most horrid looking flowers and faux bird taking up residence inside. Since there is no opening  or door to this thing, I was forced to take a steak knife to the whole operation.
Ugly flowery foamy bird – 0
Steak knife Sarah – 1


Yellow and Grey, whats not to love.


Don’t be afraid to add a splash of color to your life. When crafting, think COLOR. Pick 2-3 colors that compliment each other and get creative.

Hugs and Stitches,


Creepy Charlie

Do any of you know what Creepy Charlie is? I learned what it was when I was real little. To me it was pretty little flowers all over my yard, not to be mistaken by the violets that also were scattered about the lawn. My mom corrected me and let me know that they were not pretty flowers but rather invasive weeds that are pretty much impossible to stop.

On Saturday I decided it  was the perfect day to plant some of my tomatoes outside. I was keeping my fingers crossed for no more cold frosty nights. My poor tomatoes were starting to look slightly malnutritioned and jaundice in the sun room windows were they have been residing over the past 3 months. I found the perfect spot along the fence in my yard to plant the little buggers, but some work had to be done to prep the area first. It was covered in CREEPY CHARLIE and baby trees.
  All those lovely little green guys came from …
…This tree.

As I went to town with my gardening shovel in hand on all these invasive plants, I started to think about my Pap-pap. He was the sweetest man, not much taller than I with a little belly on him and always a big smile. He passed away when I was in tenth grade. Summer always brings him to mind especially because when I was young I would help him in his garden. He always grew the tastiest cucumbers, and Grammie always bought the yummiest celery ( I don’t know how she does that but everyone in the family agrees !)

When you are a kid you are usually the one being picked on…so imagine my glee the day my mom told me what the purple flowers  all over our yard were called and that they so happened to be the same name as my Pap-pap ( Charles -Charlie- Smith)
There were times when I would find some Creepy Charlie in his yard and would tell him about it, and he would feign offense as he made sure to tell me that he indeed was NOT CREEPY !

Anyways, I got all the baby trees and Creepy Charlie cleaned out from the area where I planned on placing my plants.

At the end, I had planted 10 of the babes all along the fence. I’ve never grown tomatoes from seed before, so I am hoping and praying that they like their new home and end up yeilding tons of fruit. I know I am going to have more than I need but part of the reward of harvesting the fruit of your labor is being able to share it with others. Hopefully the neighbors, mailman, garbage man and my Grammie will benefit from my hard work.

Thank you Lord for blessing me with my Pap-pap for all the years that he was such a big part of my life, and for sending me small reminders of him, even they are just weeds. 🙂

Hugs and Stitches,


There’ve Been Dressier Beginnings

Well, here I go again. I know some of you are thinkin’….didn’t you have a blog about a year and a half ago about the horrors and mishaps in the restaurant industry?
Well I did, but the truth is that I got about a year and a half’s worth of writers block and pure laziness when it came to delivering my posts.

Recently, one of my best friends, BS, expressed interest in starting a blog, and that got me thinking about picking one back up for myself again. Now, a lot has changed since last year; Careers, goals, hobbies and interests. For about 6 years or more now I have been an avid yard sale-er. (Does any one know how yardsaling is truly spelled? All my autocorrect functions yell at me with a BEEP or an ugly squiggly red line under the word when I type it.)

Finding bargains that later turn into  decorative or practical treasures to furnish my dorm room, college attic apartment, first womb apartment (that place was so small with very little natural lighting and low ceilings, that if literally felt like a womb, not that I recall how that felt, but use your imagination) and now my favorite apartment to date, is like a natural high. My yard saling partners, BS, HP and EB laugh at me when they see me “walking” ( more like running), arms pumping toward a sale. I just don’t think they understand the urgency in being the first one to a bargain…..Someone else might get that stand, necklace or picture frame that I should have had, if only I drove or walked faster.

Speaking of driving, I apologize now…I am not a fan of bumperstickers, but I really should have the one that says “I break for yard sales”. Its a good thing that HP drives most of the time because I get so focused and zoned in on finding the sale and beating the competition that sometimes I fail to see stop signs (especially in Montoursville) . With me, roadside parking laws, Don’t apply…. U- & 3-point turns are not uncommon either.

It’s hard being so awesome at yard saling because your yard saling posse learns to depend on you to sift the gold mines from the dumpster sales , and when you do slip up I am the focus of disappointed stares and sighs. OK, if a listing says “3 family yard sale. Furniture, antiques, name brand clothes, Christmas decorations, something for everyone” and you show up to see a 1950’s Walmart end table with the fake wood peeling off the side, used bras, panties, hair laced brushes and baby clothes and ugly trinkets….. it was NOT my fault—You only have others words to go by and the neighborhood to go off of.

I was actually going to start off this first post with some pictures of my projects that I am currently working on ( including the awesome pine, 8-drawer dresser I picked up at last weeks estate sale for a lovely $10) but since today is friday and tomorrow is Saturday (yard sale day) my excitement got the best of me, and well..there ya go.

Just so you know, there is an entire street sale going on in Montoursville tomorrow morning, so you know where I’ll be…with my lovely sidekick BS along for the ride. If you decide to venture to the sales, stay out of my way and hands off my treasures. Otherwise have fun !

Hugs and Stitches,


P.S. It’s always funny to see regulars at the sales. I always keep my eyes out for the guy with the giant mirrors on the side of his basketed bicycle or the guy with his Jack Russell perched atop his shoulder. I wonder if people have a name for me. He he.

More than I Bargained For

This weekends weather was perfect. Although the warm weather has been teasing us here in North Central PA ever since mid February, I keeping my fingers crossed that it is finally here to stay.

This weekend was full of lots of fun activities, but It began with a few loose ends that needed tying.

Last Thursday there was an estate sale in Muncy and if you know me at all, you know I just HAD to get there. The thing is, I work, like normal people, Monday-Friday 8-4:30 (normally) All the estate sales run from Thursday through Saturday, normally 9:00 am-5:00 pm. The best things are always at the sales on Thursday, with it being the first day, it hasn’t had the chance to get picked over yet….even with me arriving late in the day with only 30 minutes till sale closing time I need to scope out the potential treasures and see if there is anything that I just HAVE TO HAVE. Normally I pick up a few things and then am convinced by the lady running the sale to return the following say because after Noon everything will be half off. HALF OFF !!! The problem with this is, do I buy something at full price the first day or do I gamble on no one else wanting the treasure, return the next day and get it for an unbelievable price?

Well last week I found a beautiful pine 8-drawer chest of drawers. On Thursday it was market at $25 (The lady offered it to me for $20 if I could take it that day) Unfortunately, when my only source of transportation is a small, green ’04 Hyundai Accent, taking a pine dresser home that day would be an impossibility.

So I return Thursday and am quickly skimming over the remnants in the house and there it still is, in all its glory, my chest of drawers is still there and best part of all…now it’s only $10 !!!


I quickly scurry up the stairs and find the lady running the sale and write her a check for all my amazing finds. She goes into the basement to put a lovely SOLD sign on my dresser. When she comes back she said that at the same time I was paying for the dresser, another man helping out with the sale sold the same dresser to someone else…Lucky for me, I had already paid so the dresser was mine…all mine muahahahaha !!!

Early this week I began cleaning and prepping the dresser for a make over. I was feeling yellow with grey knobs…mmm I love yellow and grey (I’m feeling the same color scheme for my wedding)

Before I got painting I had to do a little cleaning to the dresser. I opened up the drawers to find a surprise. I got more than I paid for with that dresser because in every drawer were little mice turds scattered all throughout. Oh yeah, a bits and pieces of corn and seed. LOVELY. I even found an acorn that had been chewed in half and hollowed out.

Well once that mess was cleaned and cloroxed I began painting.

This is the fun part. I think everything got a total of 3 coats of paint put on.

Today I am putting this Beaut together and embarking on operation : sarah organize your life, starting with your craft supplies. Wish me luck !

Hugs and Stitches,