Going Bananas

Yesterday I was browsing Pinterest when a picture caught my eye. It was bananas on a stick, with some sort of chocolatey coating and toppings. They looked delicious. As I looked closer at the post, I read that the chocolatey stuff was Nutella and the toppings were coconut and crushed peanuts.

One of my best friends , B.S. was coming over for some quality girl time last night and I figured I would concoct some sort of snack for us, since we would be exerting a lot of energy on manicures, shopping and gardening. Its so rough being a chick 😉

Anyways, I figured, my friend E.B. from Emily’s Happy Homestead is fantastic at cooking clean, and she uses bananas all the time, so it only made sense that I would follow suit. I gathered my ingredients, nutella, 1 bunch of bananas, some honey roasted peanuts, coconut and oreo cookies…ok, so maybe E.B. wouldn’t approve of my banana usage but let me tell you…though it may be lacking in cleanliness, it sure didn’t lack in tastiness.


It might be easier if you put the sticks on the bananas, freeze the bananas and then start topping them. I had a little trouble keeping the banana on the skewer I was using to roll it in the Nutella. Also, I would suggest heating the nutella for approx 30 seconds just to make it a little more malleable. Whatever you do, don’t add any cream or milk to the nutella to thin it out. Nutella is not like chocolate. The second milk was added, the nutella caked up and had a cookie dough kinda consistency. I had to trash it.

You can pick any toppings you want. So far I have only tried the peanut and oreo ones and they are to die for. I think the thing that surpised me most was how ice cream-like bananas become when they are frozen. I have recently come across banana ice cream recipes…not banana flavored icecream but rather bananas alone, blended to a baby food consistency and frozen. There might be more to that , so if you are interested I would research the recipe on your own, but that dessert would probably qualify for one of E.B.’s clean eats.

Here is the finished product. My better half made the comment that this was no ordinary dessert, but could be served as a more high class dessert.


Fancy shmancy hu? They are super easy and even more delicious. Make them for the next time you have a friend over or host a family dinner. Everyone will go bananas for this dessert.

Hugs and Stitches,