Thrifty Thursday

I don’t know what it is about Thursdays and Craigslist…other than I start my day by scoping out the yard sales that are listed in the paper for this weekend and end up over on the Williamsport Craigslist page. I got some cool things to show you. Last week my amazing find was those red velvet armchairs. They look really good in my sunroom. I was skeptical of the melding of red, along with the yellow, gray, white motif I already have going on in that room, but suprisingly, they reside quite nicely. Only bad thing is, those chairs, whithin minutes of arriving at my home, became the favorite sleeping chairs for my littlest kitten. (sigh)

Today I was doing some browsing and I came across some pretty awesome things that I thought I might share with you.

First off, I couldn’t help myself. I found this coffee table for a low, low $20….aaaaannnnddd I snatched it. Sorry, I know you are probably jealous, but you can admire it from here.

ImageOne of my friends M.W. has this same table in her living room and I have loved it since the moment our eyes, er.. legs? first met.  I can’t wait to go see what kind of shape it is in. That will determine whether or not it will receive a paint job. I’m thinking yes, the question however is , what kind of paint job. I may just have to get a little fancy with this awesome find.

I did find a few other things that I wanted to share for anyone that lives in and around the -570- area code. First, I thought this was awesome…a FREE table. Now its not much to look at but if you are a young professional ( you really don’t have to be professional at all, just young or new at the home-owning or apartment-renting thing) this would be a great table. Its pretty much what I started out with when I left the nest. My mom had this ugly faux wood / formica table in the attic and for me, ye with no table at all and not really wanting to spend half my paycheck on a table, decided free and ugly would be just perfect.

Before I go on, here is the table:
ImageClick here for your complimentary ugly table. 

The awesome thing about having a niche for the crafty is being able to transform something hideous into a gem. I learned this from one of my first, and probably favorite craft books. Now, excuse the launguage but it is called “The Big A$$ (you substitute the dollar signs) Book of Crafts by Mark Montano. When I came across this picture:

….I loved it from the start, and knew that that is what I had to do with my ugly freebie. So I did. I used to have a picture on my phone but that phone has since been laid to rest. So I guess I will have to take a new pic of mine to share with you soon. I LOVE it and it really gave me some awesome experience working with grout and such…Maybe someday Ill make a cool backwash for my sink or something..who knows.

So, my case in point…that really ugly free table could turn into the most awesome looking, conversation point and eye candy your kitchen has ever seen !

Ok, one more thing I found. I actually found these a few days ago but didn’t say anything. These are cheap, super cute and have that retro feel. I would be on them like white on rice, but I don’t feel like driving to Montgomery, even though its only a 15 min drive. I’m not sure what the cushion situation is with these but I have a feeling they may be removable, hence easily recovered. You better hop on these before I decided I want to change my mind.

ImageClick Here if you want to snatch these awesome chairs before I do.

Keep your eyes peeled for awesome yard sales in the newspaper and on Craigslist today and tomorrow. I will be sale-ing with my friend B.S. which is sure to bring lots of laughs. Can’t wait. Ill take some pics and share with you this weekend.

Hugs and Stitches,

$5 Craft Challenge

Hey everyone,

I just had to share this with you real quick. One thing that seems to be kinda big in the blog world is contests and giveaways. I’m not quite to the giveaway stage yet but I did come across this post that I am really excited to be part of. Essentially, what you have to do is go to Dollar tree and with $5 buy supplies to make a super-awesomely-cool and way cheap craft. The contest begins on July 1st so if you wanna participate like me, then you will want to start brainstorming, shopping and crafting like NOW! 


Here is the link. I think this is going to be really fun. If you decide to participate, let me know and send me a picture of your creation. I would LOVE to see what other people come up with.  

Hugs and Stitches,

BHG Tips to Holding a Killer Yard Sale + Surprise ending

Yesterday I posted a link to the Better Homes and Garden site because they were doing a feature on How to have the best yard sale ever and I am always interested to see how people hold such successful events….after all my contribution to the yard sale I helped with a few weeks a go was a flop.

Here we go with some awesome bits of information. You can also go HERE to check out Better Homes and Gardens for yourself. They send me some pretty great stuff right to my e-mail every day.

I hope you guys enjoyed all those juicy bits of advice. I only hope that someday I have so much crap in my own house that I can have a killer yard sale of my own. Until then, I continue my journey to be a hoarder of all things awesomely cool. !

Hugs and Stitches,

P.S. Did I tell you that I GOT THOSE FABULOUS RED CHAIRS !!!  Lookie lookie !!

So glad I nabbed these because, well, remember the really awesome vintage-y tufted chair
 Was just informed this morning over e-mail (at least break the news to my face) that it and it’s matching couch partner are both GONE .
[Insert Elephant tears.] 

I’m Having a Chair Complex

I’ve been kinda inspirationally challenged lately. The last two weeks, as you know I have been really busy and now I feel like I have finally caught up with life. Now that I have time to blog and craft, I feel as though I’m not doing it and I realized it’s because I don’t have any crazy awesome projects going on.

A few weeks ago I bough the patio chairs in hopes that 2 of them would sit in my sunroom, however since their paint job they haven’t moved from their spot next to the fireless pit. I’m ok with that since it is soo much more convenient to already have them outside, rather than lugging them in and out the swinging screen door every time I wanna sit out in the yard and enjoy this beautiful summer weather.

I also haven’t been yard saling in a few weeks..therefore have not been too inspired in those weeks. I decided a looksie on craigslist was about due today and look what I found….FOR FREE !


What do you guys think? It is basically exactly the kind of furniture I have been looking for. I e-mailed the seller Getter-ridder of this piece and am keeping my fingies crossed that this babe is still available.
If anyone is looking for a vintage tufted couch that matches this, it seems as though it also, is FREE FREE FREE !! Take a looksie below.


Another option that I came across are these lovelies.


I love that there are two of these and velvet was something that was on my must-have-in-a-chair-list. And its in AWESOME condition too. The sellers only are asking $20 for these but the only problem is they are RED, which is awesome, but not in my yellow, white and gray room.

What should I do? Nab them all and keep the red guys in the basement for future use? I’m so torn. HELP !!

Hugs and Stitches,

Trying to stifle my inner Neanderthal

Hola and happy Saturday all you busy bees ! Today has been quite productive. A few days ago I went on a 3 day fruit flush by Jay Robb.  I have never done anything like it before and it really got me into a better mindset of eating more healthy, at a more reasonable time of day ( rather than 11:30 pm). I will admit though, that by the end of the third day I was ready to eat  devoured a cold left over steak that was just taunting me from inside my refrigerator. All it took was one hand and a little channeling of my inner  Neanderthal and that sucker was history. Oh yeah, and I forgot to mention that this all took place approximately 1-2 hours before my family was to arrive to celebrate my birthday with 6 pizza pies, ice cream cake and fruit and veggie salads. I did behave though and limited myself to one slice. It’s really surprising how small the portions that our body require if only we give it a second to think. 

Since the flush, I have gained a new drive to eat healthier and exercise more. It helps that it’s bikini season too and…well let’s just say…no one wants to see a blob walking around.

Today I passed on the yard sale-ing to sleep in and make some breakfast. Saturday morning and afternoons are a time that I get to spend with my man and just enjoy the day, weather and each other. I decided to look up a healthy pancake recipe for breakfast, preferably one involving egg whites and oatmeal. I found the recipe, blended everything up to make a batter and poured it in the skillet.




Holey Moley ! A pan-sized pancake. This recipe does not mess around. The cake smelled delicious as the cinnamon gave off a pleasant aroma.

The next hurdle was to add a topping or syrup, all while avoiding actual syrup and the evil sugar within. I decided to utilize some of the fresh blueberries and strawberries left over from my flush, blend ’em up in my awesome NINJA that I got from my C.V. and S.V. for my birthday and create a fruit sauce topping.


I topped it right onto the monstrous cake and this is what I had. Vuala !  


Doesn’t look too bad eh.

Well to my surprise and chagrin the cake was a little more  ALOT more dense than I had anticipated. It had a decent flavor, kind of a mix between baked oatmeal and an omelet, but lordy bigordy that sucker was thick and the word “cake” should not have even been added to this recipe. 

I think I ate about a third of sucker and I had enough. Plus sides.
1. It’s filling
2. It’s got pert near 21 grams of protein in each cake
3. You won’t be hungry for the rest of the day…ok thats a lie, but it is definitely hearty. 

I kept on a healthy kick and warmed up some lowfat turkey and a piece of 2% provolone cheese on the griddle and stuck it in a pita pocket with some lettuce, tomato and cucumber. No sauce necessary. Boy was that good. I think that will be my dinner as well. 

I finished the day out with an all fruit smoothie, some fresh, some frozen. I kinda eyeballed everything but I know that almond milk went in along with 1 banana, quite a few blueberries, about 10 strawberries and about a half bag of frozen pineapple (DOLE) and 5 ice cubes. No added sweeteners required. DELICIOUS and perfect for this warm summer day.


Not so crafty or thrifty I know but I will show you what I have been working on lately.  
First, here is the first of 2 pillows that will be displayed in my sunroom.


Initially my plan was to cover this entire pillow, but when I saw how much felt it was taking and how time consuming it was I decided to stop here , and I am in love with how it turned out.

I also told you that I was working on something new to add to my HortDecor Etsy Store


I love this. I made one of these for my kitty last year, but this one, I think is a thousand times cooler. The cushion was hand stitched with quality printed fabric and tufted with my own hand made jute button balls.


I wanted to make it to really scream, CUTE ! so I added the striped fabric bow at the top for a stunning contrast.


All in all, I’m really happy with how it turned out. It is one of a kind and available now. If you are interested, in it, you better act fast before someone else gets their paws on this beaut. Get it here.

Alright. Enough for now. I’m going to get some more wreaths made. Go out and soak up the sun !

Hugs and Stitches,


P.S. For more healthy meals, snacks and breakfasts that are sure to be delicious, check out my friend Emily’s blog EmilysHappyHomestead. She’s got some awesome stuff going on in her kitchen !  

Big time SLACKER !

I know, I know I have been slacking. I feel like the most terrible blogger of all time. I think this has been 2 grueling-ly long weeks since my last post. PATHETIC, I know. Is there a birthday amendment or clause? How about a business exception? Yea? Neh? Meh. 

OK, so much has happened and I haven’t been just slacking for no reason. I have been filling my spare time with some crafting roller coaster riding, fruit flush cleansing, gardening, birthday partying and a little reading.  I wasn’t able to post any booty for last weekend because I had a joint yard sale with two of my bests. The sale was a little less than extraordinary, but it was a great time with some great ladies. Wedding, weight loss, engagement and thrifty-bargain talk. H.P. is probably gonna KILL me for posting this picture, but this is just a llittle peek at the fun that we had at the yard sale of our own. Check out those pumps…WOO mama !!! 



Fashionistas, look out…this girl obviously HAS IT! 

So, I don’t know how many of you follor HortDecor on Facebook or on Etsy, but I am planning on adding a new line to my “mostly wreath shop” on Etsy. I have posted this picture before my my little Juni kitten in this hand made, vintage suitcase bed…..


So i decided I would like to add some more of these awesome beds to me store. This is probably one of Juni’s favorite places to lounge. I have it sitting out on my enclosed porch so lounging on this vintage throne to the sweet sound of singing birds makes for the perfect napping spot for this little girl. 

I got this suitcase for my next bed which I plan to sell in my shop, so If you are interested in it, be sure to keep your eyes peeled for the finished product and listing. ( my best guess is it will be available this weekend. You better hurry though…This is an awesome, one of a kind item so first come, first serve) 



Isn’t the yellow awesome ?!?! Wait till you see the finished project !

Let’s see what else. Since the last time we blabbed, I finished my indoor / outdoor chairs. They are super comfy and currently situated around my little fire pit.


Perfect summer time suburb spot.

I also created a pillow to rest on one of these for when they get brought indoors. The pillow is finished but I don’t have a picture of it yet. That will be a reveal for another day ( along with the awesome yellow suitcase pet bed) Here are some of the materials that were used though.


Until last sunday, I did all my sewing by hand. Pillows, curtains, boyfriends ripped jeans etc. 


..But a sewing machine was one of my birthday gifts given to me by M.C. I am so excited to use it. I am POSITIVE that it will make pillow and cushion making a breeze! (Once I learn how to actually use it!)

In other news…the tomato plants a getting big and proudly showing off their yellow blossoms, the cucumber plants have little spiny cucumber babies on them, the bell peppers have their white blossoms dangling and the mint and basil are spouted in full ! I CANNOT wait to indulge in all the freshness my plants have to offer. 







This picture was taken a week or two ago. Let me just tell you, these ‘maters are already a lot bigger. Makes this girl happy. 

ok ya’ll. Sorry again for the totally slacked-ness by yours truly. I promise to try harder to keep you in the know. Until then…

Hugs and Stitches,



Projects Galore

Ugh, what a terrible blogger I have been this week. My sincerest apologies. I’m sure you all can relate to my being super busy. I have a few deadlines for my HortDecor store. One lovely bride has decided to use my burlap bubble wreath as part of the decor at her wedding next weekend. I am really excited for her and also excited that one of my wreaths are being used to make someones day just a touch more special.

On top of that deadline, one of my besties H.P. decided she needs a colorful summer wreath for her front door between now and the 4th. She is always finding pictures of wreaths and challenging my skills with new demands. I actually really enjoy it as it breaks up the monotony of making the same wreath over and over. This is what she said she wanted…

Cute hu? Can’t wait to get started.

I am pretty exicted, I came accross an estate sale in the paper today. It runs today through saturday so I’m just itching to get out of work today and run over there and check out the goods. I’ll let you know if I found anything to add to My Booty.
There are also some yard sales right around my neighborhood this weekend that I can’t wait to stop at. Last time I took S.Y. with me and she really got a taste of  yard sale-ing with me. I think I was about 3/4ths of the way past a road when I spotted a yard on it. Turning around or going around the block would be too time consuming so I quickly swung that steering wheel to the left and about did a figure eight with my car to make it down that road. Good think my car is a tiny little thing…great for maneuvering.

Some of you that live near me have been asking for a little insight on which yard sales I think are worth going to on certain weeks, so this time, and maybe a few other times in the future, I will show you my yard sale picks.

Excited? Does anything in there strike your fancy? I know it shore strikes mine.

In the mean time I have been cutting up strips of gray fabric for a rug,

…and I have been painting my rusty yard sale chairs

..Looking better but still need another coat and maybe a bit of pizzaz. I have also been cutting burlap squares for the burlap bubble wreath…

…and also staring at this trying to decide which of my many ideas will transform this chandy from dilapi-drab to wonderfully fab.

 As you can see, I have my work cut out for me, but that is what makes every day fun, new and exciting. Don’t forget to keep an eye out for my booty from the estate sale !

Hugs and Stitches,


Going Bananas

Yesterday I was browsing Pinterest when a picture caught my eye. It was bananas on a stick, with some sort of chocolatey coating and toppings. They looked delicious. As I looked closer at the post, I read that the chocolatey stuff was Nutella and the toppings were coconut and crushed peanuts.

One of my best friends , B.S. was coming over for some quality girl time last night and I figured I would concoct some sort of snack for us, since we would be exerting a lot of energy on manicures, shopping and gardening. Its so rough being a chick 😉

Anyways, I figured, my friend E.B. from Emily’s Happy Homestead is fantastic at cooking clean, and she uses bananas all the time, so it only made sense that I would follow suit. I gathered my ingredients, nutella, 1 bunch of bananas, some honey roasted peanuts, coconut and oreo cookies…ok, so maybe E.B. wouldn’t approve of my banana usage but let me tell you…though it may be lacking in cleanliness, it sure didn’t lack in tastiness.


It might be easier if you put the sticks on the bananas, freeze the bananas and then start topping them. I had a little trouble keeping the banana on the skewer I was using to roll it in the Nutella. Also, I would suggest heating the nutella for approx 30 seconds just to make it a little more malleable. Whatever you do, don’t add any cream or milk to the nutella to thin it out. Nutella is not like chocolate. The second milk was added, the nutella caked up and had a cookie dough kinda consistency. I had to trash it.

You can pick any toppings you want. So far I have only tried the peanut and oreo ones and they are to die for. I think the thing that surpised me most was how ice cream-like bananas become when they are frozen. I have recently come across banana ice cream recipes…not banana flavored icecream but rather bananas alone, blended to a baby food consistency and frozen. There might be more to that , so if you are interested I would research the recipe on your own, but that dessert would probably qualify for one of E.B.’s clean eats.

Here is the finished product. My better half made the comment that this was no ordinary dessert, but could be served as a more high class dessert.


Fancy shmancy hu? They are super easy and even more delicious. Make them for the next time you have a friend over or host a family dinner. Everyone will go bananas for this dessert.

Hugs and Stitches,



Saleturdays are my absolute favorite ! I start prepping for them on Wednesday by scanning through all the Craigslist ads and online newspaper ads. You HAVE to check wednesday because you never want a fabulous Estate sale to pass you by.

This week there were over 94 yard sales listed in the paper… my town in within a 30 mile radius. I had 33 marked down to visit. I normally am amazing at mapping out the perfect, gas friendly route while still making sure to hit the good neighborhoods or developments first.

I seriously kicked butt at yard saling this week. You can check out my Booty Haul for this week by clicking HERE.

Most of my yard sale partners in crime were busy this week, but lucky for me, one of my adopted sisters, S.Y. was free to come with. Her booty wasn’t as extensive as mine, as a matter-of-fact, it can pretty much be wrapped up in 30 halls wrappers. She scored a pack of cough drops at a Couponers hoard sale. Nothing used was found here, just about 100 boxes of toothpaste, 20 bottles of tide, 50 packaged flip flops, 35 bottles of shampoo, 15 body washes, 18 boxes of cereal…..AND A PARTRIDGE IN A PEAR TREE.

Since I have relented the fact that the lovely yellow chairs from Ohio will never be mine, I started searching out other seating alternatives. I found a picture of a lawn chair adorned with beautiful, fun and patterned pillows and decided that that is what I would do in order to meet my sunroom seating needs.

I found 4 of these for $20
A little rust never hurt anyone right ?

The difficult part was getting them home. Especially when this girl drives THIS GIRL…

I know, not quite the vehicle for hauling thrifty finds.

Fitting lawn chairs in this baby was definitely a sight. I felt like I needed to be put on one of those black-framed “Determination” posters as I jigged and rigged the chairs to fit. Leaving them there WAS NOT an option.

So, somehow I got 2 in the backseat …

…and two in the trunk.
HINT: It always helps to keep bungee cords on hand when stuffing a car full of things that it is not meant to carry.
3 cans of paint later, these chairs are very close to being transformed from rusty to rad. I’ll be sure to show you the finished product.

Hugs and Stitches,


The 48th Hour

It feels like its been raining for 40 days and 40 nights !! It’s only really been 2 1/2-3 days, but the last 2 days have been NON-STOP steady rain. The weather unkindly sentenced me and the kitties to indoor activities, or the lack there of for the last 48 hours. I did not see the weather’s attitude change first hand, since my working hours are spent inside a windowless, flourescently lit office, however I was elated to feel the warm sun on my face when it was quitting time.

Although I have found the past 2-days’ weather to be tedious, I think my plants rather enjoyed it. They are all looking bigger and greener than I left them.

A tomato plant…
A bunch of sprouting Cucumbers…..Don’t you dare wag your finger at me you green thumb extrordinares (sp?) I know you are supposed to plant cukes so many inches apart and in a really big space, but the truth is, I don’t have a big space. I rent a lawn along with my apartment and am not sure how my landlord would feel if I took the kibosh to his lawn….so I put them in a pot. All of them. If they choke each other out…oh well. At least I tried. If I get a few good vines and some tasty cukes….kudos to me. You may follow my methods next year if they prove successful.

And my transplanted Succulant or known to others as Hens and Chicks. I LOVE THEM!
I hope you enjoyed my time in the sun looking at my plants as much as I did.

Anyways, last week B.S. came over to pay me a visit and we went for a lovely stroll through the borough and when we came back I agreed to make us some smoothies. It was a little before dinner time for me so I didn’t want to ruin my appetite by having a HUGE glass of smoothy-liciousness  like normal, so I ended up having lots left over. I stored the rest in the freezer till today. I am sad to say that my $5 yard sale Osterizer is starting to call it quits on me so I am trying to use it sparingly until I can replace it. Today I got ‘er up and running long enough to liquify the remaining smoothie mix. I decided I would make Popsicles out of them !

My first and last attempt at making healthy yet delicious frozen treats was a flop. I saw this fantastic recipe on Pinterest for a mixed berry, greek yogurt, raw honey concoction for popcicles. Sad to say, they were much too sweet for my liking and didn’t solidify. Not sure if it was the Honey or the Yogurt…so if you saw that recipe and are lured into trying them from the decadent picture posted before the instructions, I caution you to think twice and remember my words. Too sweet. Won’t Freeze up.

So I’ll show you what I did:
I found this GIANT bag of mixed fruit at Wegmans for $10. That is a great buy. Normally a bag of peaches half the size of this bag costs that much and you need to buy pineapple and strawberries in addition. Your healthy snack can turn into quite the expensive snack pretty quickly.
This is the most delicious combo. of fruits ever !
I just fill the blender about 3/4ths full of this fruit , add a tsp of Stevia for sweetness and maybe a half cup of plain greek yogurt. I add milk too but sadly I just kinda eyeball it until I get the right smoothy consistancy I want. Next step: Blend your little hearts out my friend.

You can stop here and slurp the fruity goodness as is and if you’re like me you will have leftovers.
Put them in an icepop mold !

And FREEZE !!!

Not you silly! Freeze the pops ! You may continue reading now.
It’s always a good Idea to have someone stand guard so no one comes along and snatches a pop before it is properly frozen. In my case, I designated the shrimp to do the job for me.

I’ll let you know how they turn out !

Hugs and Stitches,