Projects Galore

Ugh, what a terrible blogger I have been this week. My sincerest apologies. I’m sure you all can relate to my being super busy. I have a few deadlines for my HortDecor store. One lovely bride has decided to use my burlap bubble wreath as part of the decor at her wedding next weekend. I am really excited for her and also excited that one of my wreaths are being used to make someones day just a touch more special.

On top of that deadline, one of my besties H.P. decided she needs a colorful summer wreath for her front door between now and the 4th. She is always finding pictures of wreaths and challenging my skills with new demands. I actually really enjoy it as it breaks up the monotony of making the same wreath over and over. This is what she said she wanted…

Cute hu? Can’t wait to get started.

I am pretty exicted, I came accross an estate sale in the paper today. It runs today through saturday so I’m just itching to get out of work today and run over there and check out the goods. I’ll let you know if I found anything to add to My Booty.
There are also some yard sales right around my neighborhood this weekend that I can’t wait to stop at. Last time I took S.Y. with me and she really got a taste of  yard sale-ing with me. I think I was about 3/4ths of the way past a road when I spotted a yard on it. Turning around or going around the block would be too time consuming so I quickly swung that steering wheel to the left and about did a figure eight with my car to make it down that road. Good think my car is a tiny little thing…great for maneuvering.

Some of you that live near me have been asking for a little insight on which yard sales I think are worth going to on certain weeks, so this time, and maybe a few other times in the future, I will show you my yard sale picks.

Excited? Does anything in there strike your fancy? I know it shore strikes mine.

In the mean time I have been cutting up strips of gray fabric for a rug,

…and I have been painting my rusty yard sale chairs

..Looking better but still need another coat and maybe a bit of pizzaz. I have also been cutting burlap squares for the burlap bubble wreath…

…and also staring at this trying to decide which of my many ideas will transform this chandy from dilapi-drab to wonderfully fab.

 As you can see, I have my work cut out for me, but that is what makes every day fun, new and exciting. Don’t forget to keep an eye out for my booty from the estate sale !

Hugs and Stitches,


When Life Gives You Lemons…

Well a week ago, one of my bests asked me to make her a wreath. OOO YAY ! I love when people ask me to make things for them. This is what she wanted:
 and this is what she got:
Not too shabby eh?

The last person that asked me to do that was E.B. when she asked me to make her little one a play tool bench. I have to admit, I was a little bit nervous to embark on this adventure especially since I had never really repurposed anything before. All she gave me to go by was this picture:
Simple enough right?

It got a little hairy when I went to Lowes in search of the peg board and saw that they only sold it in giant pieces. Now, I did get a power drill for Christmas that I have gotten more familiar with, and I do have a power sander, which I have not been brave enough to try yet, but I don’t have a saw. Sooo what am I supposed to do with a giant piece of pegboard when I only need a small piece? Lucky me Lucky me, one of my former fellow employees from Ruby Tuesday had taken up a job at Lowes and was stationed in the lumber / pegboard section…AND he had access to a saw. I Lowes happy as a hamster with my 2 pegboard peices beautifully sawed in half.

So it took a good month or two for me to finally find an old tv stand that would be perfect for this project. There are tv stands everywhere at thrift stores, but this one had to be good for a little one to play with and also had to be marked with the right price. Finally I found the one. Nothing fancy. Fake wood surfaces, one middle shelf and wheels on the bottom. $10. A little more than I would have preferred to pay but I didn’t know how long it would actually take to find the perfect one at the perfect price so I went with it.

Of course I couldn’t just keep things simple. I let my mind wander and came up with a much more exciting motif than a plain blue bench. I let E.B. know that I had plans, however did not let her in on what my plans for the bench were. She told me she trusted me. Brave lady !

My plans were chevron. After all it is sooo in style now days, however the chevron I had in mind had been around for quite some time and is not exactly stylish, but perfect for a little boys tool bench.


I have only played with paint and stripes once and my heart broke a little bit when the edges of the stripes seemed feathered. I was bummed but I thought that it was due to the textured surface that I was painting on.

See the non perfect stripes ? Meh.

Well I figured, I’m gonna make sure the tape is really stuck to the the surface this time. Well when it came time for the tape to come off and the big reveal…wouldn’t you know it…feathered stripes…ON MY FRIENDS TOOL BENCH THAT WAS GONNA BE A BIRTHDAY PRESENT.
I got angry and left the tool bench to sit in my basement. If I get frustrated by a project I usually punish it by pushing it to the side. Well a big help that was. 7 days before the little boys birthday his eager mother asked me when the bench was going to be done. I had some work ahead of me.

Finally finished a day before the party I was able to deliver the finished product to my friend. It was far from perfect with some stray paint marks and feathered lines, but with the help of some steel wool I was able to stress the paint all over to make it look as though the mistakes were intentional.

Needless to say she loved it and sent me this picture the next day:

The kids loved it and for me, all is well in Whoville.

I have been making a lot of wreaths for other people over the past few months and have consequently neglected my own front door. I saw this picture on Pinterest and fell in love.
This is going to be for me. FINALLY. The problem I have encountered is where on earth I can find 50+ fake lemons at bargain prices.

I have found that Oriental Trading has the best prices so far. If you know somewhere cheaper please let me know. If this turns out fabulous, for a fabulous price, I may add it to my HortDecor Shop in the future.

Hugs and Stiches,