Thrifty Thursday

I don’t know what it is about Thursdays and Craigslist…other than I start my day by scoping out the yard sales that are listed in the paper for this weekend and end up over on the Williamsport Craigslist page. I got some cool things to show you. Last week my amazing find was those red velvet armchairs. They look really good in my sunroom. I was skeptical of the melding of red, along with the yellow, gray, white motif I already have going on in that room, but suprisingly, they reside quite nicely. Only bad thing is, those chairs, whithin minutes of arriving at my home, became the favorite sleeping chairs for my littlest kitten. (sigh)

Today I was doing some browsing and I came across some pretty awesome things that I thought I might share with you.

First off, I couldn’t help myself. I found this coffee table for a low, low $20….aaaaannnnddd I snatched it. Sorry, I know you are probably jealous, but you can admire it from here.

ImageOne of my friends M.W. has this same table in her living room and I have loved it since the moment our eyes, er.. legs? first met.  I can’t wait to go see what kind of shape it is in. That will determine whether or not it will receive a paint job. I’m thinking yes, the question however is , what kind of paint job. I may just have to get a little fancy with this awesome find.

I did find a few other things that I wanted to share for anyone that lives in and around the -570- area code. First, I thought this was awesome…a FREE table. Now its not much to look at but if you are a young professional ( you really don’t have to be professional at all, just young or new at the home-owning or apartment-renting thing) this would be a great table. Its pretty much what I started out with when I left the nest. My mom had this ugly faux wood / formica table in the attic and for me, ye with no table at all and not really wanting to spend half my paycheck on a table, decided free and ugly would be just perfect.

Before I go on, here is the table:
ImageClick here for your complimentary ugly table. 

The awesome thing about having a niche for the crafty is being able to transform something hideous into a gem. I learned this from one of my first, and probably favorite craft books. Now, excuse the launguage but it is called “The Big A$$ (you substitute the dollar signs) Book of Crafts by Mark Montano. When I came across this picture:

….I loved it from the start, and knew that that is what I had to do with my ugly freebie. So I did. I used to have a picture on my phone but that phone has since been laid to rest. So I guess I will have to take a new pic of mine to share with you soon. I LOVE it and it really gave me some awesome experience working with grout and such…Maybe someday Ill make a cool backwash for my sink or something..who knows.

So, my case in point…that really ugly free table could turn into the most awesome looking, conversation point and eye candy your kitchen has ever seen !

Ok, one more thing I found. I actually found these a few days ago but didn’t say anything. These are cheap, super cute and have that retro feel. I would be on them like white on rice, but I don’t feel like driving to Montgomery, even though its only a 15 min drive. I’m not sure what the cushion situation is with these but I have a feeling they may be removable, hence easily recovered. You better hop on these before I decided I want to change my mind.

ImageClick Here if you want to snatch these awesome chairs before I do.

Keep your eyes peeled for awesome yard sales in the newspaper and on Craigslist today and tomorrow. I will be sale-ing with my friend B.S. which is sure to bring lots of laughs. Can’t wait. Ill take some pics and share with you this weekend.

Hugs and Stitches,

BHG Tips to Holding a Killer Yard Sale + Surprise ending

Yesterday I posted a link to the Better Homes and Garden site because they were doing a feature on How to have the best yard sale ever and I am always interested to see how people hold such successful events….after all my contribution to the yard sale I helped with a few weeks a go was a flop.

Here we go with some awesome bits of information. You can also go HERE to check out Better Homes and Gardens for yourself. They send me some pretty great stuff right to my e-mail every day.

I hope you guys enjoyed all those juicy bits of advice. I only hope that someday I have so much crap in my own house that I can have a killer yard sale of my own. Until then, I continue my journey to be a hoarder of all things awesomely cool. !

Hugs and Stitches,

P.S. Did I tell you that I GOT THOSE FABULOUS RED CHAIRS !!!  Lookie lookie !!

So glad I nabbed these because, well, remember the really awesome vintage-y tufted chair
 Was just informed this morning over e-mail (at least break the news to my face) that it and it’s matching couch partner are both GONE .
[Insert Elephant tears.] 

Rules of the Game

For most people, Saturdays are a day of sleeping in, R&R, leisurely trips to the farmers market or morning coffee dates with your special someone…

For me it is

At least my partners are die-hards just like me !

Here are some of the sites that we came across while yard sale-ing.
How greasy and scary do I look? Yikes.
Also, I just love some of the elderly sale-ers. B.S. and I came across the cute couple pictured top, right. They both had sparkling his and hers matching bikes. The lady smiled as she showed off her “babie pink” bike. I just had to run after them to snap a picture of these two cuties.
B.S. always laughs at me because as I have said before, walking to yard sales it out of the question, running is essential. She had me snap a picture of her excitedly running to a sale.
Do you see all those cars pictured bottom left?!?! Not only are there TONS on the SMALLEST STREET EVER, but they aren’t even in straight lines. Pretty much impossible to maneuver your vehicle through that kind of madness.

I thought I would share with you some essential rules to the sale-ing game.
1. No morning showers allowed. Even if your last shower was Thursday night, over 24 hours ago.
2. Messy buns, headbands and hairspray is essential. There is no time to be messing with your hair…I can’t afford to have a co-pilot that is texting or messing with their hair in the mirror, I need all eyes on all side streets so that not a sale is missed.
3. This is anything BUT a beauty pageant. Slip on some sweatpants or shorts, a t-shirt or tank, and flip-flops or sneakers.
4. Yard sales are outside for a reason…they are accounting for the fact that you have not showered in over a day and most likely smell…BAD. I do suggest applying at least 1 coat of deodorant before you leave. Your co-pilots my complain of your stench otherwise.

Although I didn’t end up getting anything at the sale pictured top, It was definately a sale that makes me slam on the bakes. The chairs were the things that made me really wanna stop, although they weren’t the types of chairs that I was looking for. There was a GORGEOUS vintage arm chair way in the back under the canopy, but my heart sunk as I read the giant SOLD sticker on it. Grumble Grumble Grumble.

B.S. and I had a great time, and we even enjoyed a 9:30 am hotdog in someones driveway. Even though I miss sleepy Saturday mornings, nothing quite beats the thrill of the hunt that yardsale-ing brings. Keep and eye out for this weeks booty.

Hugs and Stitches,



Saleturdays are my absolute favorite ! I start prepping for them on Wednesday by scanning through all the Craigslist ads and online newspaper ads. You HAVE to check wednesday because you never want a fabulous Estate sale to pass you by.

This week there were over 94 yard sales listed in the paper… my town in within a 30 mile radius. I had 33 marked down to visit. I normally am amazing at mapping out the perfect, gas friendly route while still making sure to hit the good neighborhoods or developments first.

I seriously kicked butt at yard saling this week. You can check out my Booty Haul for this week by clicking HERE.

Most of my yard sale partners in crime were busy this week, but lucky for me, one of my adopted sisters, S.Y. was free to come with. Her booty wasn’t as extensive as mine, as a matter-of-fact, it can pretty much be wrapped up in 30 halls wrappers. She scored a pack of cough drops at a Couponers hoard sale. Nothing used was found here, just about 100 boxes of toothpaste, 20 bottles of tide, 50 packaged flip flops, 35 bottles of shampoo, 15 body washes, 18 boxes of cereal…..AND A PARTRIDGE IN A PEAR TREE.

Since I have relented the fact that the lovely yellow chairs from Ohio will never be mine, I started searching out other seating alternatives. I found a picture of a lawn chair adorned with beautiful, fun and patterned pillows and decided that that is what I would do in order to meet my sunroom seating needs.

I found 4 of these for $20
A little rust never hurt anyone right ?

The difficult part was getting them home. Especially when this girl drives THIS GIRL…

I know, not quite the vehicle for hauling thrifty finds.

Fitting lawn chairs in this baby was definitely a sight. I felt like I needed to be put on one of those black-framed “Determination” posters as I jigged and rigged the chairs to fit. Leaving them there WAS NOT an option.

So, somehow I got 2 in the backseat …

…and two in the trunk.
HINT: It always helps to keep bungee cords on hand when stuffing a car full of things that it is not meant to carry.
3 cans of paint later, these chairs are very close to being transformed from rusty to rad. I’ll be sure to show you the finished product.

Hugs and Stitches,



I don’t know what it is about summertime (other than it’s just all around fantastic) thats makes me want to pick up a book and read…and nothing beats plopping your tush down on a sandy beach for a few hours with a good book in hand. This year I won’t be going to the beach, but I did make a few purchases yesterday that will get me reading, albeit in my Pennsylvania lawn.

For 4 years of my life, I was a server. I worked at a small bar and restaurant called Kristy’s and also the corporate chain joint, Ruby Tuesdays. Being a server you run into all kinds. during those years my best friend H.P. put a book in my hand that finally said all the things I ever wanted to say about the restaurant industry and serving but never could – Waiter Rant.

If you’re gonna be a server, are a server or were a server…READ THIS. You won’t regret it, believe me ! This book had me roaring and it totally brings to light ALL the unbelievable things that we are servers put up with on a daily basis. Just do it.

Although I’m not a server anymore, I still love the industry and will occasionally pick up a shift at Ruby Tues. My boyfriend Z.C. is also a server at Olive Garden so I hear his stories and experiences on a daily basis. Just when you think you have heard it all…well you never have when it comes to serving.  Steve Dublanica (author of Waiter Rant) Just published another book recently called “Keep the Change”.

This is in my list for this summer and I cannot wait to read it.

The second book on my list is one that is a little more relevant to my current lifestyle and it is called “I brake for Yard Sales…”.
The author of this book said that the inspiration for this came from a bumper sticker that her mother had on her car a long time ago. My friends have joked with me saying I am in need of such a sticker, along with one that probably mentions I also blow stop signs for yard sales, pull “U” turns for yard sales and drive a 2 mph by yard sales without regard for the late for work fellow behind me,  so that I can determine whether they are worth braking for or not.
This book may quite possibly get pushed to the front of my reading list.

Last but not least, another book on being a wait(er)(ress). I think they made this into a movie? If so, I guess I will need to look that up and add it to my movie queue (<–what a strange word!)

I may not be delving into all the Theological or political matters dealt with by Faulkner, Dostoyevsky or Tolstoy, but I will be learning a lot about things that matter, SUCH AS TIPPING – If you are a bad tipper, don’t go out to eat. You don’t deserve it. Eating out is a privilege and if you don’t have money to tip, then you should NEVER go out to eat. Waiters and Waitresses are not servants, they are people trying really really really hard to make a living off of the measly $2.83 an hour they are paid and whatever money they can make from tips. Tip your servers and bartenders. DO IT…or else !

I know this wasn’t very crafty talk today, but I hope my words stick with you like glue !
Let me know what you think of my summer reads. Have a happy Friday and if you are yard saling tomorrow, don’t forget to map out your route for the most effective, gas conscious and organized yard saling experience !

Before you go, Check out THIS ARTICLE  that Laura Spencer (Author of “I Brake for Yard Sales”) wrote on 10 tips for decorating on a budget. This WILL HELP YOU OUT TOMORROW. featured  today on Fabulous Finds.

Hugs and Stitches,


More than I Bargained For

This weekends weather was perfect. Although the warm weather has been teasing us here in North Central PA ever since mid February, I keeping my fingers crossed that it is finally here to stay.

This weekend was full of lots of fun activities, but It began with a few loose ends that needed tying.

Last Thursday there was an estate sale in Muncy and if you know me at all, you know I just HAD to get there. The thing is, I work, like normal people, Monday-Friday 8-4:30 (normally) All the estate sales run from Thursday through Saturday, normally 9:00 am-5:00 pm. The best things are always at the sales on Thursday, with it being the first day, it hasn’t had the chance to get picked over yet….even with me arriving late in the day with only 30 minutes till sale closing time I need to scope out the potential treasures and see if there is anything that I just HAVE TO HAVE. Normally I pick up a few things and then am convinced by the lady running the sale to return the following say because after Noon everything will be half off. HALF OFF !!! The problem with this is, do I buy something at full price the first day or do I gamble on no one else wanting the treasure, return the next day and get it for an unbelievable price?

Well last week I found a beautiful pine 8-drawer chest of drawers. On Thursday it was market at $25 (The lady offered it to me for $20 if I could take it that day) Unfortunately, when my only source of transportation is a small, green ’04 Hyundai Accent, taking a pine dresser home that day would be an impossibility.

So I return Thursday and am quickly skimming over the remnants in the house and there it still is, in all its glory, my chest of drawers is still there and best part of all…now it’s only $10 !!!


I quickly scurry up the stairs and find the lady running the sale and write her a check for all my amazing finds. She goes into the basement to put a lovely SOLD sign on my dresser. When she comes back she said that at the same time I was paying for the dresser, another man helping out with the sale sold the same dresser to someone else…Lucky for me, I had already paid so the dresser was mine…all mine muahahahaha !!!

Early this week I began cleaning and prepping the dresser for a make over. I was feeling yellow with grey knobs…mmm I love yellow and grey (I’m feeling the same color scheme for my wedding)

Before I got painting I had to do a little cleaning to the dresser. I opened up the drawers to find a surprise. I got more than I paid for with that dresser because in every drawer were little mice turds scattered all throughout. Oh yeah, a bits and pieces of corn and seed. LOVELY. I even found an acorn that had been chewed in half and hollowed out.

Well once that mess was cleaned and cloroxed I began painting.

This is the fun part. I think everything got a total of 3 coats of paint put on.

Today I am putting this Beaut together and embarking on operation : sarah organize your life, starting with your craft supplies. Wish me luck !

Hugs and Stitches,